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Laminated Spacers WE make spacers use materials from vulcanized bone fiber,Glass Reinforced Epoxy ,Insulating kraft papers ,Creped paper ,Polyester Film ,fish paper ,Phenolics etcs .also making Cylinders£¬Supporting cylinder £¬Strips £¬Spacers£¬Angle rings and caps£¬Snout segments£¬Corrugated board£¬Duct spacings£¬Flexible cr¨ºpe paper tubes£¬Static rings Transformer Components Insulation Materials PressboardComponents Transformer Presspaper £¬Transformer Presspaper DDP £¬ Thesedemands are met in particular by combined flexible insulating materials in multi-layer structures of pressboard, polyester and polyimide foils, of aramide papers and various non-woven fabrics shaft sleeves ,shaft bushing ,  fiber shaft tubings
shaft sleeves ,shaft bushing ,  fiber shaft tubings
we can make custom slitting ,discs ,gaskets,parts,spacers.tags.washers Electrical Motor Components use - End Laminations Epoxy Glass Washers Fish Paper Washers Vulcanized Fibre Washers insulators
Electrical Insulation Materials, Formex, Formex GK, Statex, Vulcanized Fibre, Nomex, Laser Cutting, Stamping, Die Cutting, Slitting, Fabricating Services, Plastic Fabricated Parts, Plastic Parts, Prototyping, Hydraulic Cutting Presses, Non-Metallic Materials
Vulcanized Fibre Tubes Vulcanized fibre tube wrapped with fibre glass FLAME HEAT RESISTANCE Fiberglass pultruded composite rod Laminate Sheets Rods Vulcanized fibre Vulcanized Fiber Gaskets Transformer Pressboardinsualting PAPER tube Innersole fiber Board Insulation paper fish paper flament Wound Tubes GPO-3 fiberglass sleevingPolyester Tubes Fiberglass poles ETC...

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