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Switchgear, Transformer, Power Distribution Electrical Insulation ,Suppliers, manufacturers agents in the worldwide
  Our products are approved by a lot of national customers in the world wherewith more than the high characteristic at the price of quality .At the same time,our products's diversification and flexible system of agent,it can get largest profit in sale our products that our first agent in their country.Welcome join us ASAP.
  Our products for :vulcanized fiber sheet roll coil tubes rods ,fish paper, insulating paper,cellulose insole material ,fuse arc quenching tubes ,filament wound tubes,Transformer Pressboard ,Pre Compressed PressBoards, Insulation Board Paperboard ,insulating paper tubes,pultruded composite rod,gpo3,phenolic resin laminates paper cloth cotton epoxy glass sheets tubes rods,Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Rods ploes,FRP rods,,Fibreglass Rods poles Tapered Fibreglass Rods apply flag poles, Tent poles, Golf flag poles, Sail Battens, Skifield barriers, Kite struts, Sports field markers, Fishing rods, Batons, Dance sticks. Plant Stake Garden stakes post rail Mooring whips Buoy shafts, Marker posts, Sea wall barriers, Gaffe and net handles, Fish arrows and processes: fiber disc, abrasive disc,insulating gaskets, insulation end-plate metal and nonmetal parts ,isolation structure parts etc.

America Oliner Fibre Co., Inc
America Hubbell Incorporated

Cooper Industries

America General Electric Company
(Youngman became supplier on 2005)
America littelfuse Inc.
(Youngman became supplier on 2005)
America Tulstar Products, Inc
Spain JOVER Grupo
Italy Moretti srl
Finland Scandinavian knife blades
and materials for knife making

Malaysia UNH Technologies Sdn.
Malta Firm Salvatore Caruana  
Korea Samwon Insulation Co.ltd
South Afica Hardware Assemblies(pty)Ltd  
Turkey Inter Abrasive
hongkong Nan Tai Ind.Co.,Ltd

  Selling the output value of agent is more than USD one million per year, we will have a great gift to give you.

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Vulcanized Fibre Tubes Vulcanized fibre tube wrapped with fibre glass FLAME HEAT RESISTANCE Fiberglass pultruded composite rod Laminate Sheets Rods Vulcanized fibre Vulcanized Fiber Gaskets Transformer Pressboardinsualting PAPER tube Innersole fiber Board Insulation paper fish paper flament Wound Tubes GPO-3 fiberglass sleevingPolyester Tubes Fiberglass poles ETC...

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