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Glass fiber reinforced epoxy vinylester and polyester composite core rodSolid core FRP Rod fiberglass reinforced rod
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Rods ploes frp rods

Description£ºEpoxy polyester glass fiber, made through continuous pulling, mounding, heating and solidifying from alkali free synthesized before-plying-treated glass roving merged in epoxy and polyester compound gum.

Application:reactor, wave trap coil, dry transformer, synthetic insulator core rod, zinc oxide thunder arrestor and other high-performance insulators in electrical equipments and engineering industries.
The specifications of the insulating rod is from ¦µ8-¦µ90mm. There are rich types and functions of products like the plain type, fire-resistant type, acid-resistant type. The products are extensively applied in silastic insulator, disconnecting switch, disconnecting fuse, electrified railroad insulator, dry transformer, thunder arrestor and other high-voltage electric products and can be selected at the clients¡¯ personal demands,Meanwhile, it can be processed at clients¡¯ options, i.e., notching, lathing and cutting,etc

Name:fiberglass rods/ploes FRP rods Epoxy polyester glass fiber insulating poles or Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester rods or composite core rods poles/pultruded composite bars

vacuum pull-extrded transparent thermo-resistant show

Size:l¡¢The usual lengths of insulating rod are 2000, 4000 and 6000mm. While they can be made at any length at options with a tolerance no more than ¡À5mm
2¡¢The nominal diameter and permissible variation should meet following specifications£º PAREMETER
Nominal diameter
Permissible variation

3¡¢Apperance£ºNo bonding wire at the surface, no internal cracks and scars. The color unevenness on the surface and small amount of accumulated gum is allowable.
4¡¢The core rod shall bare the machinery processing like sawing, drilling, milling and lathing.
5¡¢The physical, machinery and diectric property shall meet the requirements of Table 1 in¡°Performance index¡±
See the details on the varieties, heat-resistance grade, features and utilities of insulating products in following table£ºFRP RODS

Features & Utilities
Heat-resistance Grade
Polyester glass fibre
Insulating rod(Stay, cushion)
High vertical machinery intensity, good diectric property, suitable to be used as insulating structural components in high-voltage electrical equipments. Also can be used as the stay and cushion of telegraph pole, dry transformer, reactor and wave trap coil as well as the pull rod in mines and tunnels.
Modified glass fibre insulating rod
Better electromechanical performance than 880. Same utility as above. Also can be used as non-metal cable core rod.
Epoxy glass fibre insulating rod
Good machinery intensity and diectric property. Suitable to be used as cross arm and core rod of synthetic insulator of zinc oxide thunder arrestor.
Fireresistant epoxy glass fibre insulating rod
Good fire-resistant performance except from the features of 822.
Fire-resistant & acid-resistant epoxy glass fibre insulating rod
Good anticorrosive performance except from the features of 883.


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