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metal and nonmetal parts and all kinds of isolation structure parts

fan covers fan leavesmotor bracket wave gasket,U-hot circleelectrical machine gasketrotor end-platehousing

ˇˇour copartner(yuezhen factory)ˇˇmake and selling various metal and nonmetal parts and all kinds of isolation structure parts such as machinery electronics, micro-electronics machines, family appliancesŁ¬electromotion tools, and auto electronic appliances.vulcanized fiber coils, wedge, metal stampings (motor fan, fan covers, carbon brush holder, two-level nog, wave coils, U-ringˇ­), and vulcanized fibre stampings (insulation end-plate for motor roller, stator clapboard, adjusting washer, separated gasket,insulating paper tubesˇ­)
we can design moulds to manufacture products or process the moulds ordered by clients.

Vulcanized Fibre Tubes Epoxy Glass Fiber Tubes Epoxy Glass Fiber Rods Fiberglass Epoxy Tension Rods Laminate Sheets Rods Vulcanized fibre Vulcanized Fiber Gaskets Vulcanized fiber coil disccellulose insole shoe material Innersole fiber Board Insulation paper fish paper ETC...

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