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   china vulcanized fiber sheet epoxy glass compound tubes laminates phenolic sheet insulators tension FRP rods net

  Youngman ( original belong to one of large group in China :Sanhua Group Co.,ltd.It's a sale-export department ago.) was established in 1999, adjoined the Long-Hai railroad and Lian-Huo highway. the transportation facilitates extremely.
 Our principle in line with the common development of cooperative enterprise, Engaged in export selling and parts processing of products such as insulating material , electronic fittings that ourself company and cooperative factory products .
  The main product includes: vulcanized fiber sheet coil roll tubes gaskets washers,vulcanized fibre-epoxy resin fiberglass Combination extinguishing arc tubing , filament wound tubes , insulating paperboard ,fish paper ,insulation for transformers Pressboard Class 2( PB-2) ,cellulose insole board shankboard material ,Fiberglass tubes tool handle ,carbon tubes,epoxy glass fiber tubes rods ,fiberglass reinforced plastic rods poles bars, pultruded composite rod,gpo3,insualting PAPER tube,GFRP pultruded composite rods,Heat resistant fiberglass epoxy tensio FRP rods , phenolic resin laminates paper cotton epoxy base sheets rods tubes mylar tubing etc.
   Since had been established, we expand business channel actively, with the sincere service principle company. High quality products, the perfect sale service has gained numerous domestic and international customers' trust. The product exports countries as: American, Canadian, Australian, Turkish, Finnish, Spanish, Thai Argentina, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, India etc. We became the long-term supplier as American GE, LITTLFUSE, HUBBELL, COOPER that in the 500 strong enterprises of world since 2004.
   Our product passed the ISO16001:2000 international quality system authentication, the MSDS security material authentication, the SGS product quality authentication. And smoothly through Dutch KEMA, American GE, LITTELFUSE, HUBBELL,COOPER and so on international big company's many times appraisal to inspection.
   We joint effort with the domestic and foreign customers, will satisfy from all walks of life in the product quality and the most superior performance price compared to a on higher request.

Now Youngman business up to more . All of sale business for insulation materials to WEll Electric Co.,ltd

Vulcanized Fibre Tubes Epoxy Glass Fiber Tubes Epoxy Glass Fiber Rods Fiberglass Epoxy Tension Rods Laminate Sheets Rods Vulcanized fibre Vulcanized Fiber Gaskets Vulcanized fiber coil disccellulose insole shoe material Innersole fiber Board Insulation paper fish paper ETC...

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