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Environmentally Friendly - is made of virtually pure cellulose 
High Mechanical Strength 
Light Weight, Half the weight of Aluminum 
Excellent Electrical Properties 
Good Arc Resistance 
Excellent Tear Resistance 

Typical Applications: 
Electrical Appliances 
Electrical Instruments 
Electrical Devices 
Luggage And Sample Cases 
Backing for Abrasive Discs for grinding sheet metal 
Textile Bobbins and Shuttles 
Automotive Applications 
Electrical Insulation 
Fuse Tubes benefit from Vulcanized Fibre¨s arc extinction properties 
Circuit breakers 
Lightening arresters 
Bushings for motor contacts make use of Vulcanized Fibre's combination of physical and electrical strengths 
Railroad track insulation 
Welding Masks 
End Laminations for electric motors 
Key Tags 
Jacquard Boards 
Trunk Binding
And Many Others ...
These are a few of the many industries that we serve. If you don't see your industry in here, call us. We will do our best to help you.

 abrasive disc welding mask ,gaskets insole material

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